Thursday, November 24, 2016

2016 Thanksgiving Day

Nothing is more important than to spend good time with family and friends and with good foods. This year Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with a fried turkey and delicious other side dishes like mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, deviled eggs, greens, beans, chips, cakes, cookies, pies, etc.
Mr. Big cut a big piece for my plate. I finish this in a jiffy. It was finger licking good. The meat was moist and seasoned perfectly.
The picture above is the electrical deep fryer and the peanut oil I used to fry the turkey.
I prep the turkey in garlic butter and Cajun seasoning for more than 4 hours before frying the turkey. This bird weighted about 14.3 lbs. The fryer took 45 minutes to heat the oil to 375F. For each pound, I need about 4 minutes. This bird cooked thoroughly in 50 minutes. The garlic butter that was injected into the meat really give a nice flavor.
I stuffed the stuffing into the cavity as soon as the turkey was taken out of the hot oil. The stuffing was cooked separately. It was a surprise to everyone since they thought they are not going to have stuffing. I really had a great time on Thanksgiving Day.

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