Friday, July 03, 2015

Ramadan 2015 Day 16 - Break Fasting Party

Another day is spent at a friend's house for break fasting. There are so much food served. I had a great time tasting each of the food.
 I brought these donuts for everyone to enjoy.
 I just don't know where to start...we have pulut panggang, fish in curry gravy, fried fish with sambal, fried bee hoon(rice stick noodles), fruit salad(rojak), stir fry vegetables, fried noodles, more stir fry vegetables.
 Above is the dessert table. There are curry puff, spring rolls, pulut panggang, fried tempe, onde onde, kuih ketayap, and fermented glutinous rice (tapai pulut).
 The same food as shown before...
 Close up on the tapai pulut. They are delicious.
 Spring rolls.
 The green food is called kuih ketayap.
 The hostess signature cake, pandan chiffon.
The drinks...fruit cocktail and watermelon juice.


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