Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Ramadan 2015 Day 7 - Steak and String Beans

The weather was nice today. The temperature remained around 80 degree F.I didn't go to the garden today since the ground are still wet from yesterday's heavy rain. I will wait until the ground dry a little bit.

I cooked another simple meal for dinner today. I had string beans and steak.
Firstly, I sautéed one large sweet onion with butter, salt and some ground black pepper until translucent.
Then I stir fry the string beans with chopped garlic, butter, salt and ground black pepper.
Lastly, I pan fry the steak that I have seasoned with Montreal Steak mix spice.

For dessert, I had Gobs (looks like whoopie pie) cooked by my friend Susan.


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