Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ramadan 2015 Day 4 - Sugar Snap Peas

Early in the morning, I went to the garden to pick some vegetables. The soil was very wet from the heavy rain we had last night. I put on my garden boot and start picking the peas. I managed to harvest about 2 bags full of sugar snap peas and shelling peas. I also picked some romaine lettuce, spinach and spearmint.

For morning breakfast, I had egg sandwich and a bowl of coco puff cereal.

For today's breaking fasting, I cooked the sugar snap peas lightly tossed in butter, salt and ground black pepper. They are super sweet and delicious. I took the dish to a friend's house. She hosted the breaking fasting dinner at her house together with many other families. There are a lot of food and I just couldn't name them. There are satay, salad with peanut sauce, chicken, beef, fried noodles, cakes, cookies, super sweet drinks like fruit cocktail with pink rose syrup, watermelon juice, coffee, etc.

I did stop at the flea market earlier and bought for myself 2 pots of lavender plant. The smell from the lavender is soothing and I hope the rabbit is not going to eat them. I will plant these lavender in the front yard. As for now, they are safely kept on a higher ground. I am pretty sure the rabbit cannot reach them.


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