Saturday, June 16, 2012

Fried Collard, Onion and Zucchini Flower

I grow lots of collard greens this season. Because of the beautiful weather we had in early spring, the collard green just perking. Since I am frying the zucchini flower, I decided to fry the collard greens with the same batter. This was my first trial to eat the greens this way. I usually cook the greens with chicken stock or stir fry.

The batter is easy to prepare. I am using about 1/2 cup of ready mix pancake flour mixed in with half a cup of rice flour. Add some water and a pinch of salt.

I like to use turmeric powder in the mix. This will give a nice golden color. Deep fry the vegetable in olive oil or any cooking oil you like. The rice flour in the batter will give a nice crunch to the fried vegetables.

I add a dash of salt to flavor the batter. I also grow a sweet yellow cherry tomato. This tomato is very sweet and I do not have to cook them. I just pop them in my mouth. I also picked some sugar snap peas. I really like it stir fry with lots of butter.

The fried collard was so crunchy and the fried zucchini flower was delicious. This year I am growing just the Texas Sweet Onion and Georgia Sweet Onion. As the name implied, the onion is super sweet. I stir fry it with the sugar snap peas and I can eat them all. The neighbor gardener was shocked today to see my onions are growing bigger. She thought my onions are not going to survive. They look very small earlier on.


  1. wow Zue, dah boleh makan the tomatoes! Bestnya. When I was there you baru tanam and the plant still kecik kecik. Now dah boleh makan.

  2. tak tau pun bunga zuchini pun boleh dimasak & dimakan... akak ingatkan hanya buahnya boleh dimkn.. hehe...