Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ramadan 11 - Tempe Goreng (Fried Tempeh)

I love soy. Tempeh is made of soy. And tempeh is one of my favorite snack. For this simple meal, I just mixed the fried tempeh and salted peanuts. If I have anchovies, I will fry them and add to this dish too. But unfortunately my pantry is clear. This tempeh is very tasty. Refer to these posts for the recipe.

Another version of fried tempeh.
Spicy fried tempeh

On tv yesterday, they said about a study has been done and they didn't find any significant of soy product in helping woman going through menopause and bone loss. I was upset a little by this study but I stay positive. Maybe the study was done on certain group of people whose body doesn't react to the soy. No matter what people say about soy, I still like the food.:-)


  1. Salam Ramadhan Zue. How is puasa this year - nampak byk menu cotong....hehe. Me too, I like tempe..!

  2. assalamu alaykum,
    i love tempe also but cant find it here in usa. where you get yrs?

  3. HomeKreation, Sorry terlupa nak balas your message. Haah, tempe ni memang sedap. Fresh pulak tu.

    Bahiyah, waalikumsalam...kat tempat I Giant pun ada jual tempeh. Tapi sejak I dah jumpa orang Indonesia yang buat fresh, I stick to them. You US kat mana?

  4. U mean Giant supermarket ?
    Im in md. Near de border.
    anyway, do you take order kueh raya tak ?