Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ramadan 10 - Sotong Sumbat Pulut (Stuffed Squid)

Yesterday, I didn't get the time to cook the rest of the squid. This sotong sumbat (Stuffed Squid) has many version. Some cook it sweeter than the other and some people would prefer savory. I am mixing both flavors this time.  Another version, is the sotong sumbat laksamana.

For this recipe, cook 2 cups glutinous rice with 2 tablespoons splenda or sugar and a pinch of salt. I like my rice a bit softer so I added an extra cup of water.
Let the glutinous rice cooler.
Wash and clean the squid.
Take a small handful of the rice and squeeze it into a ball.
Stuff the rice into the squid.
Squeeze another ball of rice and stuff into the squid until it fill up to the top.
Use toothpick to seal the top.
Do this to all of the squid. I am using about 7 squid. Which is too much for a person.
In a big skillet, heat coconut milk.
I dillute the coconut milk with 1 cup of water.
Add salt.
I like the flavor from the vegetable buillion. So I added one cube.
Another option is to use worchestershire sauce. Just add a few dashes.
I am too lazy to go out to snip off some turmeric leaves. If you have the leaves, slice them and add into your coconut milk.
Cook on low heat for about 30 minutes. Let it simmer and the squid softened.

Serve warm. This meal is very full filling. I ate only one piece of the stuffed squid and packed the rest in a container to freezer.

I found out that having a cup of oatmeal for breakfast (sahur/imsak) is better than having a heavier meal. It gave me energy throughout the day. And of course with 3 huge dates. One of the guy at my job has been working without eating at lunch time for over a year. He inspires me to keep my fasting until the end of the day. His reason is to catch up reading his book.
I am on the opposite. I like to munching something when I am working. It is a bad habit that need to stop, pronto.
Enjoy your dinner!

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