Friday, June 03, 2011

Homegrown vegetables on my plate

Soon..yes soon I will be able to harvest some of the vegetables from my garden. Above is a picture of the shallots. They are a huge type and I don't remember their name.
This time I try as much as possible to mulch the plants with grass cuttings. Above is a picture of the summer squash. I have the patty pan squash, yellow crookneck squash and yellow straight squash. I built a small hill for these plants.
The empty space is actually not empty. I have planted onion, garlic and potato in this patch last week. I hope by next week I will be able to see their shoots.
I have rows of onions, shallots, squash, carrots, string beans, beets, okra and romaine lettuce in the picture above. I am keeping a 30 by 60 square feet plot. With the grass clippings, I hope the weeds are under control. Having this size of garden is time consuming when all I am using are just hoe, rake and trowel. I spent about 2 hours a day and so far can only work in a small area at a time. By the time I finish weeding one area, the weeds are growing high on the the other ends.
Above is a picture of the radishes. They are not doing too well. Sign of bugs chewing their leaves. Having the heat above 80 degree F is not helping these plants. Radish prefers shade and moist soil. As you can see from the picture, my garden is very open. There are no shades from any trees or buildings. Today's weather was very nice, breezy and in the 80's. I am still using my beach umbrella for shade though.
These two are my big boy tomato plants that I've bought matured from the flea market. It cost me $5 each. Thanks to Gert for helping me planting these big plants.
I did plant asparagus, rhubarb, lychee, and swiss chard near this area. The onions are doing well. I have planted about 150 onions.
This mint plant is creeping up from last year's growth. Again, thanks to Gert for pointing out to this plant. I like to add this mint leaf in my hot tea.
The first vegetable I planted in every growing season is my favorite sugar snap pea. It looks like the weeds are growing faster than the snap pea. I must find time to clean this pea row or else they will be chocked to death by the wild weeds. I was busy working on the other side that this row looks abandoned.
Above is my beets. I love beets. These beets are crowding each other and need thinning soon if I want a bigger size bulbs.
Above is a picture of the Armenian cucumber. Ever since I found out how delicious this cucumber, it made a cut to my top 10 list must grow vegetables. Here is the picture of the cucumber from last year's growing season: Armenian Cucumber
Above is a picture of my white potato. I hate seeing them eaten by the japanese beetles. I bought an insect spray from the Home Depot to kill the bugs. I also pick the bugs and drown them in soapy water. It took them more than 20 minutes to die. They are pretty strong swimming in the soapy water.
I am planting this marigold to deter the japanese beetles from enjoying my tomato plants. It is not helping. At least the flowers look nice in the garden.
I love kohlrabi. Above is a picture of my kohlrabi. I don't see any bulb forming yet. They are growing beautifully though.
Above is a picture of my lemongrass that has not kicking yet. I've just planted it last week.
Here is my tomato plants in their cage.
This is my yellow wax string beans just sprouted. They need night temperature above 70 to show up. These past few days have been screaming hot. The temperature went up to above 90 degreeF.
Cute radishes. I had just spreading their seeds last week and today I found them looking healthier.



  1. All the plants are growing very well. Soon you dah boleh makan. Remember to try out the pucuk of the peas. How is the bunga telang doing? Hope they grow too :)

  2. Gert, your bunga telang dah tumbuh. Out of 18 seeds so far only 2 came up. Soon I will put more bunga telang seeds in the garden.