Monday, May 09, 2011

Mee Racun vs Mee Rebus

This mee racun aka poisonous noodle was very hot and spicy. I don't know what type of hot pepper they use in the ingredients, just having one sip of the gravy was enough to make me cry and look for a nice cold sweet drink..

These food are really good. I really want to finish them all but my tummy was full.
This mee rebus (boiled noodles?) on the hand was a little bit sweeter. This mee rebus is one of my favorite meal.


  1. k.zu,
    i've tried mee racun opposite pinetree hotel.. for me not so pedas. Ada org bagitau tempat lain lagi best.. tp tak sure kat mana.

  2. Dil, yang ni memang pedas betul. Lain kali you ke BP ask for it ya.