Friday, May 06, 2011


I was at Pasar Tani (Gardener's Market) one morning and found some herbs with some young eyes or shoots. In the above picture are pandanus(screwpine), ginger, turmeric, temulawak and red ginger. These herbs are good for health. The temulawak especially good for blood circulation, kidney and heart. When growing up, I always see my grandmother eat the young temulawak fresh with her rice. The taste of this temulawak is definitely very bitter. I don't know how she can chew this tender root just like that. Sometimes my grandmother will make temulawak juice. I could never finish the drink. One sip will make all the food I eat after that taste bitter.
The same roots as in the first picture but they are now kept in an old pan before I get the soil and the pots to grow them.
This is how I carefully wrap them. In the blue plastic bags are my favorite soy sauce. Since they came in a glass bottle, I placed them in a tall plastic container after I wrap them with newspapers.
The herbs are wrap in a paper towel and placed in a zip lock bag.
My favorite soy sauce.


  1. Hi Zuraida,

    In your post you have some pandan roots. Did you get them from the States. I am looking for some to grow in Florida and unable to find them here. I was going to buy from a nursery in Canada and it cost $25.00 for a 4 inch pot.

    Would you be able to get some for me and I will pay you.

    Thanks Sherry

  2. Hi Sherry Buddy, I would think that Florida might sell the pandan plants since the weather is perfect for the plants. I have just potted these roots and so far they are not showing a faster growing plants. I will keep you in mind once these plants established.

  3. I cannot find the plants in the nursery or the asian stores.

    Next time you go to the market, can you get some for me.

    I do want to plant some pandan leaves as I am interested in making some nyona kuih.

    Thanks for responding