Monday, May 02, 2011

Delicous Kampong Food

It is a custom to eat home cook meal when visiting grandma's house. The fried rice, the fried noodle, the stir vegetables, the salad and the fish are authentic and delicious. They are better than the Kfc chicken I brought.
These are my number one favorite kampong meal. The salad with belacan dip, the siput sedut, the turi in coconut milk are superb and the stir fried suhun. They tasted better when eating with the whole family and they were cook by my aunty Dayang.
The siput sedut was cooked in sweet and spicy sauce.
The salad with sambal belacan. Here we have the daun tenggek burung and daun selom. They are delicious.
Home cooked fried chicken in spicy rub.
The world delicious daun turi cook in coconut milk and sweet potato. I couldn't get enough.
Rojak mamak from the restaurant. Spicy peanuts sauce but yet delicious. A bit too hot for me but I love it.
Delicious special fish in asam pedas. I forgot the name of this fish.
This is not a kampong home made meal but this mee rebus was delicious.

Stay tuned for more food pictures...


  1. Hello Zue. Wow, you are back in kampung with all the lovely food. Where is your kampung?

  2. I nampak the KFC box :) I miss this type of kampong dishes too.

  3. hello Zue..selamat balik kampung..make sure makan semua yg you teringin tau...malaysia kan heaven for food...and siput sedut tu, nampak begitu sedap..dah lah besar-besar pulak size tu..sedapnye..