Saturday, May 15, 2010

Potato Salad for Picnic

This bunching onion or some might call it spring onion or green onions are grown in a pot in my back yard. I pulled out the bigger one and they are just enough to make potato salad for the Islamic Society Picnic today.
I diced about 15 hard boiled egg for this special potato salad.
I am using about 25 large russet potato to fill the 2 foil containers. One container is for the ladies and the other one is for the man.
The rest of the ingredients for this delicious potato salad is here.
BBQ chicken on the grill. They are delicious. The weather was very nice. Breezy and sunny. The temperature was around 70 degree F. The wind was a little bit chilly but overall I like this weather. I think last year the weather was a bit hotter when we have this picnic.
The women were praying for zohor and asar.
The men were praying near to their pavilion, located across the street from the women's pavilion.
Oh My! We were blessed with so much food. I brought my potato salad to go with the BBQ chicken. But there were 4 other people also brought potato salad. but I am glad my potato salad finish first. Mainly because I had the potato salad container sit on ice. The potato salad stayed cold all the time. We were blessed with at least 6 different type of rice. They are all delicious. I kept circling around the tables to sample each food. I don't even care to drink because there are some fruits like watermelon, mixed fruits platter, mandarin orange and fruits salad that could quench my thirst.
Hot BBQ Chicken is served.
Second table of food. Even after 2 pm, more food were coming. We don't have enough space and had to sit the pot on the bench.
All kind of drinks are served. These are all brought by each family who came to the picnic. Some drinks are kept in the ice chest. A few mosques near my area join together to host this event every year. Honey and I try not to miss it. We both love the crowd.
People keep going for second, third, etc until we were out of plates. I had to use bowl but it was fine. I think next year I will bring finger food. Someone brought my favorite sweet tasty, ghulab jamun. It was awesome. The spring rolls are gone in no time.
After eating, we all do our own activity at the park. Kids were running and playing. The women started to take a long walk around the park. Men were talking among them at their pavilion. Etc.
A family was playing with their kite. The windy day was perfect for the kite to fly in the sky.
For a romantic couple like us, we just relaxed under the tree. Honey got his sun tan while I was busy reading the 100 emails from my phone.
When we got home, I must stop here at my front yard to admire the iris flowers. Somehow, after I started growing this iris, I noticed that I was not the first one to have it in the front yard in my neighborhood. Suddenly, I see that every house in my development has iris plants in their front yard. But I still think my iris flowers are the most beautiful among them.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Zue,
    Yummie food, gorgeous weather & good company ...what a perfect day.

    Just as perfect as your irises....

  2. K.zu,
    Laparnya tengok food ni..sgt lapar!!!