Monday, April 26, 2010

Barlotti beans

Gertrude bought a packet of barlotti beans, a pretty beans in pink and white blotches for me to grow in my garden. She said this beans are good in a soup. I have never grown or bought and let alone to taste this beans. It will be interesting to add this plant in my growing vegetables collection.

We were having a great time shopping at Christmas tree store yesterday. I also bought a bucket to replace the bucket that had flown away from my garden. It cost me only $1.99 and this bucket is sturdier than the one I have lost.

I also bought fennel seeds, golden beets seeds, peas, and radicchio seeds from the Christmas tree store.
The weather is wet today. There is no chance for me to work in the garden until Wednesday. But that is ok given that god is good for pouring the water on my plants. The tomato plants are tuck nicely with a blanket of newspaper. I guess the old newpapers (you've to read it like the man in a tricycle shout it from door to door asking for old newspaper or in bahasa we say it suratkhabar lama ) do worth to keep.



  1. I hope the beans grow kat your garden. I just found out that some people call this cranberry beans.

  2. That is true. So far there is no sign of growth. Hopefully by next week they should germinate.