Saturday, September 12, 2009

Twenty Second Day Ramadan - BBQ Beef Ribs

This is the most moist and delicious meal and was cooked and served by DH. However, one thing about Honey in the kitchen that you must know. He doesn't share his recipe. And he could make a simple meal to prepare looks like 10 times harder by leaving every little dirty bowls and dirty plates he uses for every little step in his cooking, pile up in the sink. Let alone the crumbs from the seasoning. It could cover the whole kitchen floor and kitchen stove top. Since we do not have maid in the house, I will have to clean it up but still, it was difficult for me to find any traces of his secret recipe without looking into the garbage bin.

The first step he did, although he kept chasing me to stay out of the kitchen when I peep, was to cut the beef ribs into smaller pieces. It was not easy to find beef ribs in my area. Most store sell pork ribs. And to get this step done, he already used 2 clean bowls. One bowl he uses it to hold the uncut beef ribs. Then the second bowl is to hold the cut beef ribs.

Then, I saw him taking out a big pot and boil the beef ribs. I think he boil it for a short time. Perhaps for 15 minutes or so. I do not know what spices he put in the boiling water. But I suspect it has to be the meat tenderizer.

The third step, he took another big pot and started to cook the BBQ sauce. I know this step because suddenly I smell the sweet aroma of the BBQ sauce. By this time I can hear the clunking and a lot of moving around in the kitchen. I got up from my sit and peep into the kitchen. He saw me, and started to shoo me out.

Next, all I can remember after about an hour later, he was calling me to plate the BBQ beef ribs.

Wow! The first thing I saw was the mess he left on the kitchen sink and then BBQ sauce splatter on the kitchen top.
I peep into the garbage bin and found 3 different types of BBQ sauce. The marinate BBQ sauce, the regular ready to use BBQ sauce and the Worcestershire sauce. So, he must have mixed all of these sauces. But I could not guess the sourish yet sweet taste he added into the sauce. I know he cooked the sauce with some bay leaves. I think he added some lemon juice. I did ask him about it but he is not telling.

Anyway, this is one of the best meal cook by him. Since the beef was so tender and delicious, I would not mind scrubbing the kitchen. But I told him that he is grounded from cooking in the kitchen for a month.


  1. Salam Zue. Glad to see you actively preparing for Iftar everyday. Would like to wish you Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri too. Please have my humble greeting card from my blog. Take care....Roz

  2. k.zu,
    BBQ beef rib tu nampak sgt sedap.. i baru terfikir nak cari beef rib & nak masak similar to this.. tengok2 kat blog k.zu dah ada.. tp without recipe:-(.. Tak boleh ke pujuk ur hubby share recipe..

  3. salam k.zue...hehehe! funny tul citer akak psl mr hubby!anyway..mmg nmpak mengancam pun bbq beef rib tuh! nnti mai umah kita amik kad raya ye!!

  4. Murphy is so cute lah..I remember when I asked him about his beef stew recipe and he told me it was a secret ha ha.. tak sangka with you his wife dia pun macam tu. Tell him once he let you know the recipe he can goyang kaki and you will do the ribs from now on.

  5. Roz, Thanks for the raya card.

    Dhill, I just remember seeing the garlic in the sauce. So, don't forget to add chopped garlic. I asked him again and his response as usual, a secret.Huh!

    inahar ali, thanks for the raya card. But he is a good cook.

    Gertrude, berbuih dah mulut I ni cakap kat dia. Payah betul dia nak share. Lain kali I should just pasang video camera sorok sorok la.