Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sixteenth Day Ramadan - Fried Rice

I was late at posting my 16th day break fasting meal. I am having technical difficulty with my computer. So, I had to back dated this post to reflect the 16th day of Ramadan, that is on Sept 6th, 2009. I had fried rice for dinner and as for snack aka dessert, I have tat nenas (pineapple tart) and kuih siput.


  1. Fried rice ni normally kami makan during sehri. Tapi kalau dah tak sempat masak apa untuk berbuka, hentam aje goreng nasi... cepat dimasak, sedap dimakan...

  2. Hi Zue,

    My mother fried rice for dinner on 7 September 2009 as well!

    I have suggested to her that the next time she decides to cook fried rice, to add tom yum paste. I think that tom yum fried rice should have quite an interesting taste.


  3. Mamafami, you are very funny with your advertisement line. I pulak teringat kat Oh! Nasi goreng, oh bubur kacang, oh rojak...oh mee siam!

    Pebbles, Another great idea from you. I have never thought of putting the tom yam paste in my fried rice. In fact, I just bought a jar of tom yam paste and didn't know what to do with it yet. I was thinking of having seafood steamboat with the tom yam paste.

  4. k.zu,
    bulan puasa ni nasis goreng kira paling senang especially during sahur.. all-in-one complete meal!
    But mine is always very simple..nasi goreng kicap & telur mata je masa bulan puasa ni. Itu pun laju je makan time sahur..