Friday, August 28, 2009

Seventh Day Ramadan - Fruits

I am sorry guys, no cooking on the 7th day of ramadan. Honey, Tina and I went out to dinner. I had cheese pizza with unsweetened ice tea at Arooga's restaurant. We went to a movie prior to breakfasting. Honey picked me up at my job and all three of us went to see Final Destination 3D. Unfortunately we didn't go to the screen that can projected 3D. So our experience watching the show was like any ordinary movie.
I am sure I will not pick this movie if I were given a choice. This movie will give me chill and trauma. As usual the picture is graphical. But I just closed my eyes if it is too much. There were too many guts gushing out and even liver flew down from the sky. Yikes!
After the movie, we stopped by at Sam's club and Walmart. We bought our usual brand of items from these two stores. Yes, we are into the brand when it comes to certain food. Honey is a picky eater although he won't admit it.
I bought these three types of fruits from Sam's club and will have some fruits salad. Yummy! Just drizzled them with some of my favorite strawberry syrup. O la la. I like them cold so I will cut and chill them in the fridge overnight before I serve.
Do you know that you can make banana chocolate covered ice cream from this fresh banana? It was easy. Just peel off the banana skin. Using parchment paper to separate each banana so that they will not stick to each other in the freezer. Freeze them overnight. You can submerge the frozen banana into chocolate melt. Then drizzle some chopped almond. Again, another O lala. Delicious!
Have fun!


  1. Hi Zuraida,
    Selamat Hari Ramadan to you and your all ur buka puasa meal...looks yummy!!!

  2. Salam Zue. Selamat berbuka, alhamdulillah dh 8 ari ya. Where are you going to celebrate your raya?

  3. Hi Zue,

    Freezing slices of banana also makes a yummy smoothie.

    I love your daily updates during Ramadan. Keep them coming!

  4. HomeKreation, baby dah pandai bercakap? Cepat kan masa berlalu. You tahun ni baju raya sedondong tak dengan baby?

    Pebbles, you are right. Frozen banana is really good as smoothie. make me want to rip it up in my blender now.