Saturday, July 04, 2009

Fish Head in Tauchu and Ginger

I have been busy watching Malay movie, drama etc on youtube. First time, I was hooked on Manjalara. It is a story about a fat girl who is bullied by her cousins and her auntie. My favorite actor in this TV show of course has to be the leading actor, Jehan Miskin. He is so adorable, gentlemen and act well in this drama. I hope he will keep on playing in many more movies, drama or shows and will try different role. After I finish watching all 75 episodes of Manjalara,(it took me 2 weeks to get that done), I continue watching all other shows where Jehan Miskin is acting. I really like him in Qaisy and Laila. I have a list of VCD that I will get the next time I go back to Malaysia. It includes Nana Tanjung and Nana Tanjung 2 the movie. I cannot wait to see him in the new scary movie, Skrip 7707.

On this 4th of July I am serving fish head cooked in tauchu (fermented soya beans) and ginger. This dish is common among Asian. Not many American eat fish head including my husband. I used to see mom cooked fish head in a curry soup, asam pedas (hot and sour soup) or just in a plain coriander/parsley soup. I do like to add the gravy from the fish head into my rice or as dipping sauce for my nan bread or paratha bread.

Since the new Asian store near my house is selling fresh fish head, I decided to try them. I bought about 5 lbs of trout and salmon fish head. The fish monger chopped the fish head into smaller bite size for me. I clean and wash them and pack them in a smaller zip loc plastic bag. I am using a smaller zip loc bag so that it will be easier for me to cook just for myself. I store them in the freezer and they can last for a long time without freezer burn.

Honey doesn’t eat fish head nor could he able to see the dish. He said he fells nauseated just by hearing the dish name –Fish Head. I simply ignored his comment and continue eating this delicious delicacy. Yummy!

Here is my simple recipe for Fish Head in tauchu (fermented soya beans and ginger).

1 lbs fish head cut into bite size.
2 tablespoon ready to use salty fermented soy beans and ginger(tauchu)
1 tablespoon turmeric powder
½ teaspoon ground black pepper
½ teaspoon salt
2 tablespoon ground lemon grass
1 tablespoon red pepper flakes
½ cup lemon juice
Mix all ingredients with the fish head.
Use foil to line the baking dish/pan.
Pour fish and all the juices into the baking dish/pan.
Broil in the toaster oven at 450 degree F for about 35 minutes.
Serve warm with white rice.
I use homegrown lettuce as the bed for the fish.


  1. waahhh zue..sume2 homegrown vege ni..very healthy n fresh2 lagik...

  2. Jun, if you are near to me, you can help me finish it.

  3. I never cook fish with tauchu this way. Normally I just pan-fried it and then cook them in tauchu sauce. This is a great idea Zue.

  4. Gert, thanks. This recipe has shorter prep time. :-)

  5. wah...kak zue, layan Manjalara gitu...actually that drama dah lama ditayangkan kat Malaya...

  6. 3E, back then when Manjalara was aired on TV, I keep missing a few episode here and there. Now, I feel good after seeing every episodes. Will there be Manjalara 2?

  7. kak zu,
    sekarang tengah hangat citer nurkasih kat tv3.. aired every friday at 9pm malaysia time.

  8. Dhill, Suka juga cerita nurkasih tu tapi pelakon watak Nur tu tak berapa best la. Pelakon baru ke dia tu? Jalan cerita ok.

  9. k.zu,
    i kenal pelakon lelaki je.. yg perempuan memang tak kenal except those yg veteran sikit tu..