Sunday, May 03, 2009

Update on Daun Kesum

About two weeks ago, I root some daun kesum in water. You can refer to the old picture of daun kesum here when I first started. Daun Kesum or "Kesum" leaf is very popular in asian cooking. It has a strong lemon flavor and taste. You can add this leaves in the hot and spicy fish soup or as garnish in your meal.
Today, I decided to check on the roots of this daun kesum that have sitting in water all these while.
I must say that I am happy with the progress. As you can see from the picture below, the roots are healthy and white color. I removed all of the dead leaves and put this plant back into the small china bowl with warm water.
I will probably wait for couple more weeks before I plant them outside in a big pot. For right now, I could snip some of the leaves into my cooking already. Cutting it regularly will promote it's bushiness.


  1. zue...cunnyer tanam pokok daun kesum...can put on dinner table jugak green!

  2. k.zu,
    my daun kesum pun sihat walafiat. Suka sangat.. tadi pulak mak kirim lagi pokok kunyit. hopefully this time menjadi le bila tanam..

  3. Jun, good idea.

    Dhill, I am waiting for the kunyit hidup to grow. So far at my place all kunyit mostly frozen.

  4. k.zu,
    saya cuba jugak tanam pokok kunyit dari ubi kunyit beli kat kedai, tp tak tumbuh2 pun..

  5. Dhill, I have never grow kunyit meself but I heard people said it takes a while to grow. Have you check the root to see if it is still in the soil?
    Kunyit will be my next pokok to grow. If I get my hand on the fresh root, I will grow it.

  6. Hi Zue,

    I am in New Jersey, I am a Malaysian too, I have been trying to search for Daun Kesom, am not able to get hold of any, can you tell me where did you get the raw one?

    I do have a few sprouted Kunyit, and planted one already , i can send you, as I work in PA sometime..



  7. Echo's Kitchen, I bought the "daun kesum" from the Asian store near my house. If you don't mind, send me your home address to my email.