Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yellow Bell Pepper Salad

The weather has been so hot these past few days that I do not have the heart to further warm up the kitchen. However, today the weather is very nice. It feels like real spring day on the 60 degree F. I was at Price Right, the grocery store last weekend and saw this huge yellow bell pepper. I decided to give it a try and show case it in my cooking blog.
The price was only $1.65 per pound. I bought 2 of this. I also bought red leaves lettuce as shown in the picture above. Since the weather is cool and the house is cool, I decided to prepare some salad, fried chicken, rice and scallop potato for dinner. I also roasted 2 kabocha squash but probably will not eat it tonight. I will store it in container and take it to work later.

When honey called and wanted to know what he will get for dinner, I said some food plus some salad. The idea of eating rabbit food to him just freaked him out. I have a big smile on my face. I want to make him to start eating healthy. Yeah! Right! He will not change.

For the vegetable I am using 1 hge yellow bell pepper.
1/2 head of red tips lettuce
1 tablespoon homemade red onion pickle
some blackberries

For salad dressing:
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon sugar

Method: Mix balsamic vinegar and sugar. If you like the regular taste of balsamic vinegar, then omit the sugar.
Toss vegetable and the dressing. Serve chill.

Wait for my next post on scallop potato and fried chicken with saffron rice.


  1. teruja tengok salad k,zu.. meriahnya & nampak menyelerakan.
    cepat2 sikit post recipe lain tu.. macam best je!

  2. Dhill, nasib baik yellow bell pepper tu sedap. Bila letak balsamic vinegar, memang best.

  3. k.zue...haaa yg ni mmg betul2 healthy punyer menu..hehe!! nnti leh try lak! my hubby mmg suka makan rabbit food nih!!

  4. inahar ali, untung you ada teman makan sayur. My hubby, pandang pun tak mahu. Bila I nak sumbat dalam mulut dia, rapat dia tutup lips dia.