Sunday, May 03, 2009

Fried Chicken and Scallop Potato

The scallop potato and fried chicken were the meal for honey.
Here, the saffron rice and fried chicken were for my dinner. I did taste the scallop potato. It was good.

Fried Chicken: Breaded chicken fry in olive oil until golden brown and cook through.

Saffron Rice : Prepared seasoning from a packet. Just add in the rice.

Scallop Potato: 5 medium size white or russet potatoes. Peeled the skin and slice it thinly.
In a big pan, heat one stick of butter with grated onion.
Add 2 cups of  milk.
Stir for 2 minutes on medium low heat.
Add 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of ground black pepper. Taste.
Add sliced potato.
Mix well.
Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of all purpose flour.
Mix well. Turn off the stove after 1 minute.
Heat the oven at 375 degree F.
Move the potato into baking dish.
Bake the potato for 40 minutes until the top part turning brown.



  1. Dhill, sekarang ni nak kena makan sikit sikit jer. Lauk satu jenis jer. Itupun siap boleh simpan sampai beberapa hari baru habis makan.
    Apa lagi you beli kat Penang? Kalau k.zue pi penang mesti nak kena laksa dia.

  2. The crust on that fried chicken is causing massive chicken cravings over here.

  3. k.zu,
    tried to post comment tp pc asyik tersangkut2 je. BTW, i pegi penang just nak mkn pasembor.. dah mkn terus balik. Klu pegi 1 hari sempatle cari mkn yang lain2 lagi. Normally i look for char kuey teow, mee udang and local kuih.. suka pulut udang kat sana (sebelah semenanjung.. not island)..murtabakpun best jugak.

  4. Jude, Fried chicken is with breaded crust is really good.

    Dhill, ahhh...pasembor...memang sedap. Lama tak makan tu.