Friday, April 24, 2009

Apam Balik - Part 2

I made another batch of apam balik. This time I am using a 6 inch pan and make it thinner. But I could not get it to crisp. Maybe I should use different batter for it.
I will experiment on it later.
I've got about 8 pieces of apam balik on this pan. It taste good anyway.


  1. Ah very interesting, these look very tasty. When I was in Georgetown, I saw som apam being made (I took photos of the Apams in Gurnley drive: see them there -, they were tiny, very thin and rolled as soon as they were cooked, so they are quite different, what does Balik mean? is it a regional difference? :)

  2. Ah wait, maybe I got it wrong, the two desserts were made next to each other, was the Apam this one then? :

  3. Christelle, You got it right. This post of apam balik is the second time I cook. I use the same ingredients as I did last week. Please refer to my previous post for the details.
    The difference this time was the size of pan I used and the amount of the batter I poured in the pan.
    "Balik" in english means back, home, the other side or in this case like turnover. The pancake is fold and the sweet corn, peanuts and sugar became the filling.
    The mini pancake you showed may use a different batter. I am not sure what they are made from. If you google, just type apam balik and you will see what I have.

  4. k.zu,
    terliur btul tengok apam balik ni. Dah le perut tengah lapar giler nih..