Saturday, February 14, 2009

Toasted Sardine Sandwich

Sardine is a healthy food that many non vegetarian should consume. It is loaded with calsium and good for the bone. Listen to me, a non nutritionist or MD. Anyway, on this beautiful Saturday morning, I am craving for another sardine meal. If the last time I cook Sardine roll, this time I am making sardine sandwich.

For this simple meal I mix 1/3 cup chopped onion and 1 tablespoon chopped hot peppers in a can of sardine in tomato sauce (drained).

I also add a layer of cucumber inside this sandwich before I toast it.

Serve warm with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Yummy!


  1. hi,can we exchnage our banner,if done have banner i still can post yur link,please let me know after it done.tx

  2. I love sardines sandwiches. Epok Epok Sardine also nice. :D

  3. Mmmm..sardine. I love sardin (Ayam Brand). Tak kira masak macam mana..and this entry makes me think of having sardine for dinner tonite! :-)

    Btw, hop over my blog - ada award untuk Zue....

  4. Yati Salem, your creation is very nice. But I was not sure what you are asking me of.

    Sri, Arghhh..yes, I love epok epok sardine.

    Waterliy, sardine for dinner sounds delicious. I saw in a post sometimes ago, somewhere, that a can of sardine is no longer a cheap meal as the price has went up. Sardine with warm white rice is just perfect for me too. At one time I was crazy for sardine in my laksa. Those are the years when I cook laksa almost every other day. :-)

  5. Love sardine sangers! Ironically, I made sardine puffs last week.

  6. After a while, I just put my toaster at one corner .. just eat fresh bread. I find Im too lazy to use the toaster after some time. Does this happen to you?

  7. Vg, we both just could not get enough of sardine aren't we?

    Family first, thank you for posting a comment in my blog. I wish I have a bigger kitchen so that I don't have to put away the toaster after I've used it. Well, unfortunately honey and I cannot afford to renovate the house. Each time after I used the toaster, I will wipe it clean and put it back in it's box. at the same time while cleaning the toaster, I will ran my mouth and say to my husband, "See...this is how you should cook in the kitchen. Wipe the tools you use and mop the kitchen clean. Spotless"
    Well, actually I just loved to chew on crusty bread. That is the only reason for me to use the sandwich toaster.