Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seafood Fried Rice

I spice up my Hometown Fried Rice with seafood. I choose shrimp and squid.


6 small hot peppers

1 medium size yellow onion (dice)

1 cup dry anchovies

1 cup medium size shrimp

1 cup cut squid

2 tablespoon soy sauce

salt and black pepper to taste

4 tablespoon olive oil

Few pieces shredded carrots to garnish

Heat skillet with olive oil. Fry chopped onion and small hot peppers. After the onion a little bit brown, add anchovies. Fry for another 2 minutes. Then add shrimp and squid. Cook until shrimp turn pink. Then add rice and soy sauce. Seasoned with salt and black pepper. Serve warm and garnish with few pieces shredded carrots.


  1. my favourite fried rice!! seafood!look good and sedap,mintak satu plate!

  2. oh! Zue,your gambar color too yellowish..Did you use white light?

  3. Kak zu,
    Byk nya udang di sebalik nasi.. ini kena selak udang baru nampak nasi nih..

  4. The ever faithful, ever delicious and ever loved nasi goreng. You can't go wrong especially when you tambah seafood. Good one Zue.

  5. Beachlover, u don't use white light. The rice is yellow a bit from the carrot and light soy sauce.

    Dhill, udang disebalik nasi. Pilih udang dulu ye.

    Vg, thanks. Nasi goreng is so quick and easy to cook for busy person like me.