Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mung Bean and Durian

Bubur durian kacang hijau or mung bean sweet delight has always been my favorite dessert. When Gertrude visit me on Wednesday, we went out to the asian store and bought durian. Also known to the asian as the king of fruits.
My husband doesn't like the smell of durian. So, my trick is to serve the durian with the mung bean in the bowl instead of boiling the durian in the pot.
Put one piece of durian (could be frozen or thaw) in a bowl. Pour the hot or cold mung bean soup onto the durian. Eat immediately before the husband start complaining on the smell. :-)

You can find my full recipe from my previous blog.


  1. k. zue,
    sedapnya tgk bubur kacang nih.. ingat before weekend nak buat ler & bawak kat opis. Kat freezer ada stock durian & santan lebih buat rendang last saturday. Stock kacang hijaupun byk lagi..betul2 terliur dah ni!

  2. Raphedhillo, you must cook it. This is really delicious.

  3. Zue, Your pengat/bubur looks delicious.Must try this soon.

  4. Vg, thanks. I nak buat lagi coz ada durian dalam freezer.

  5. I love Durian, too! And I eat it plain. Good thing Hubby does not complain :)

  6. Ning, Lucky you your husband did not complaint. Have you try freeze your durian. It became ice cream. So, delicious.