Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cucur Udang - Fried Shrimp in batter

1 cup all purpose flour
10 medium size shrimps
1 egg
1/2 cup chopped chives
1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup water

Add egg into flour. Mix well. Then add water. Seasoned with salt. Add chopped chives into the batter. I grow chive in my backyard. So it is very easy for me to snip off just as much as I like.
This is the big spoon I use to shape the cucur udang. I must say it is not easy to use this spoon because it is too deep. The actual spoon use for cucur udang shape is a little bit shallow than this. The batter could come right off easily. But unfortunately not with this deep spoon. But I managed.
Spoon some of the batter into hot big spoon. Then top it off with 2 shrimps. With the size of my spoon, this batter yields about 5 pieces cucur udang.
Submerge the batter into hot oil slowly. We do not want the top to come off. Let the batter cook a while before attempting to remove it from the spoon. Once the outside layer has hardened a little bit, you can remove it and the shape will stay intact.
This is the spicy peanuts sambal (Sambal kacang).
Serve this food warm. This batter is crunchy. If you like your cucur not too crunchy then eliminate the egg.

This plant is called Red Apple or Aptenia Cordifolia. this plant is native to South Africa. It is a shrubby perennial ground cover in mild wintered areas. I am happy to bring this plant home inside the house. It needs little water or care. the trailing stems to 2 feet long with tiny succulent fleshy variegated leaves. The flower is red or pink.


  1. eh eh. memang macam janji2 kita ni. hehe. i pun guna ladle aje. yg tak tahan tu asyik terpecik minyak panas. ouch!

  2. zue you buat cucur udang, farina buat cucur udang and now I pun nak buat jugak :)

  3. Farina, teruk ke you kena minyak panas tu? My deep fryer tu very good. I ok jer. How do you eat your Cucur udang?

    Gertrude, yeah!you must cook this. Sedap!yummy.

  4. Zue your chives look so green and healthy!!now you make me gatal nak tanam herbs in door! dah lama tak makan cucur udang ni! the last time I make is with taro and unshelled shrimp,Eliot said how to eat with unshelled shrimp with head attached!lol!

  5. k.zue,
    cucur udang is my family all-time favourite. Klu buat mee rebus mesti nak lawan dgn cucur udang. Tp we all tak pakai laddle. Just goreng camtu je...dipping sauce kitaorg mmg special.. campuran cili kering & bwg yg digoreng dulu before dikisar, then mix dgn asam jawa (or cuka), garam, gula & air panas. Klu yg tak suka pedas, blh campur kacang sikit. Mmg best!


  6. salam kak zue, rajin yer memasak plus gardening ni, tgk ur another blog bout gardening, jeles sungguh, walaupun jauh di tmpt org tp akak rajin. Bila ler saya nk jadi serajin akak ni???

  7. beachlover, you can grow chives in your house but the smell is quite strong. I put my chive's pot on the deck and one in front of the house. Walk through my door, I can smell the chives and thyme. Make me hungry all the time. :-)

  8. rapheydhillo, I nak try la your dipping sauce recipe tu. Sounds delicious. I suka anything with peanuts!

  9. Siti Khuzaimah, terimakasih. Rajin-rajin kan diri ye. Kita hidup ni hanya sekali. Eh! Apa akak mengarut ni. Ingat, kalau tak ada tanah nak bercucuk tanam, dalam pasu pun boleh hidup pokok tu. Good luck!

  10. percik sikit aje. nasib baik tak macam dulu sampai melecur. hehe. I makan dgn thai sweet chili sauce sbb lingham dah habis and takde stock.

  11. Uishhh..mcm sedappp juga ekk kalau buat cucur udang.. nak buat lahh! :D

  12. Shafidah, this is really easy and tasty. You may add anything you like in the batter. But I must have chives/ kuchai baru kick.

  13. This looks delicious. The spicy peanut mix looks exceptionally tasty!

  14. Fearless kitchen, thanks. You must try this recipe.