Friday, October 10, 2008

Bahulu Cermai - Part 2

I did bahulu cermai 2 years ago for Raya celebration. This year I made this bahulu again.
5 eggs
1 cup sugar
some flour ( I did not measure because I use the old method)
1 teaspoon vanilla

The bahulu is easily removed from the mould. I spray the mould with pam.
This is how th eold method is. In a small bowl, scoop about 2 senduk( big spoon) of the egg and sugar mixture.
Sprinkle with about 10 tablespoon flour. And fold in nicely.
Bake in the oven on 350F degree for about 15 minutes.


  1. your bahulu look soft.Zue do you cook u bahulu on the stove top b4 put into the oven to bake again?.I bought 2 mould but still sitting in the cabinet.Must make my own bahulu soon.Oooo...what is the different between bahulu cermai or regular?

  2. I tried to bake bahulu few years ago.. but i've decided to buy since then!

  3. Beachlover, sama akr bahulu Cermai or regular bahulu. The shape tu look like Cermai, The small fruit.oh, I just bake this in the oven. No counter stove.

    Rapheydhillo, kalau ada jual kat sini GErenti I pun beli aje.but homemade is so much tastier.

  4. When my fren ordered some bahulu from me, I made some using your recipe too. But since you dont have the exact amt of flour, i agak2 aje. The first batch was too cair and kinda flat but very light. Later on oklah sikit kot. hehe. i wish i have the bahulu mould tho.

  5. Farina, I am glad your bahulu jadi. I memang ikut style my mom and nenek for making bahulu.using small bowl and mix the mixture as I bake. Keras sangat pun tak boleh bancuhan dia. Nanti jadi batu pulak. Lembik sangat nanti tak boleh tahan lama.

  6. wah wah zue..siap buat bahulu u? tahap rajin jun x smpai mcm zue lagi ni..percaya x, my kids suka bahulu tp i x mkn..hehehe..masa kecik2 suka cicah ngan air teh/kopi..dh tua2 ni x mkn plak..

  7. Hi Zue,
    You mean to say you just roughly add flour to the egg & sugar mixture each time you refill the mould unitl the batter finish is it? Do I need to heat up the mould first? My problem is the batter sticks to the mould, I did heat up the mould, grease with oil only I add in the batter & it still stick. Please advice. Thanks.

  8. delphine,
    i think my mom used to say that too much sugar will make the batter stick to the mould and make the bahulu hard like a rock when it gets cool. other than that I cannot imagine what is wrong with the batter.