Monday, September 22, 2008

Pineapple Cookies - Tat Nenas -> Part 2

Finally, I've got the time to bake this must have old timer favorite cookies. Tat Nenas. As in my previous post, I have the pineapple jem cooked, cool and ready to be used in the final product.

The first thing I did was to cream butter and sugar. As you all already know, I like my tat nenas dough sweeter a bit. If you don't like the sweet dough, you can omit the sugar. Here, I use 2 sticks of unsalted butter. It is important to use unsalted butter or else your tat nenas will be salty. Beat the butter with 1/2 cup sugar.
Then I add 1 egg. Beat the batter.
Next, I add 2 tablespoon of corn starch. Fold the batter to become dough.
Add 3 cups flour. Mix well. Do not over knead.
I experimented with different shapes of cookies cutter that I bought from Malaysia years ago. But the winner is the big round shape.
I bought a smaller rolling pin when I visited Gertrude sometimes ago. I find the big rolling pin is harder to use since I have amall kitchen counter to work on. I use the cell phone to refer to my previous tat nenas bergulung recipe online. This way I can guarantee to get the same texture for my dough.
I floured the kitchen top. Rolled about a palm size of the dough and then use the cookies cutter to shape the pineapple tat. Unlike last year where I make tat nenas bergulung, this time i've decided to make regular tat nenas shape. The dough is harder a little bit compare to tat nenas bergulung since tat nenas bergulung need to come out through the pressed cookies mould.
Heat the oven on 350F degree.
Use a small spoon to put the pineapple jem into the round middle hole at the top of the cookie. Bake for about 15 minutes. Please watch the oven to make sure your cookies doesn't burn.
Once the bottom part look a little bit brown, remove it from the oven and cool it on a cooling rack.

Let all the cookies cool completely before storing in air tight container.
As you can see, this batter will yields about 40 - 50 cookies and fit nicely into this one jar with 5 pieces extra for me and husband to sampled. Honey as usual wants to eat more and asked me where did I hide it.


  1. wow Zue..byk dah wat cookies..weiii, mould tart nenas pon byk..jun ade 2 jek..wahahaha

  2. Jun,
    I have no choice but to bake my own cookies. The smaller mould was hard to use. I wonder if it meant for different cookies. The center part is too small to put in my pineapple jem.

  3. I keep seeing tat nenas everywhere I go blog hopping..I better make some with my ready bought filling.

  4. Beachlover, raya time is normal for people to bake or look for this cookies. It is almost every malaysian and Indonesian favorite cookies.I cannot wait to see your post on this cookies.

  5. Wah Zue, ini macam beraya kat Msia! Berbotol2 buat kuih. Your tart look cantik and kemas.

  6. Farina, thanks. That plastic cookie cutter was not cheap at my kampong. Teringin nak makan so have no choice but to bake it myself.

  7. akums, hye kak zue, npah dengar tak TAT NENAS sepit by RAMUNDELIGHTS punye.... feel free to browse @