Saturday, September 20, 2008

Biskut Makmor - Part 1

The first step in making biskut makmor is the crushed peanut as it's filling.
In a skillet roast peanut without oil. Keep stirring so the peanut did not burn.
Turn off the heat once the skin is removable.
Pour peanuts onto baking sheet. Use paper towel and rub the skin off.
Remove the skin from the peanuts.
This is my cute little mortar and pestle I use to crush the peanuts.
To expediate the process, I use this food processor to crush the peanuts.
Coarsely crush the peanuts.
Add 2 tablespoons of sugar.
Store this in a container until the next time when I am ready to make the makmor cookies.


  1. wow!! you make so much biskut I never heard of!!.Zue next time just beli kacang without kulit for goreng.I think a packet cost 1.30 if not mistaken ,tak banyak kerja have to removed the kulit,no need the kulit to fly all over the kitchen.Now I'm waiting to see how this biskut Makmor loo like! I can just imagine how you biskut look like?.

  2. Hi Zuraidah

    Can't wait for the next instalment....have not makan kuih makmur for 15 kidding.

    When you have time, check out 'Almond Cresents' on my blog...very similar to this kuih....I think you will like it. Apologies if I am too 'forward' here.

  3. vg, thanks for telling me about your almons crescents. I did look at the recipe and will try it out some other times. Can that almond cookies store for a long time too?

  4. Zue, I never try biskut makmor before. Can't wait to taste it :) Yeah, Lesley is right. I always buy the kacang without the kulit to make life easier.

  5. Hi Zue

    Yes you can store the almond cookies for a long time....I know cos once I 'hid' them (my kids were eating too many) and forgot about (god getting even with me) and they were still okay after 2-3 weeks!

  6. Gertrude,you can use any type of peanuts as long as it is unsalted peanuts.I find this red skin peanuts taste the best.

    Vg, thanks for the info.

  7. I couldn't help reading the comments on using skinless peanuts. I buy the ones with skin and go through this tedious process because my kids enjoy blowing the skin off! abt cheap thrills!

  8. Zarina, I pun kecik dulu suka kipas the skin off.suka tolong my mom masa tu. Tolong buat kecah. Bau roasted peanuts tu pun sedap.

  9. Hi Zue
    Thanks for showing the step-by-step instruction. I ni baru-baru nak start belajar buat kuih raya, so memang sesuai sangat la.Will try this soon!