Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Biskut Makmor - Part 2

I have never bake biskut makmor before. But I do really wanted to taste it again after so long.
The original recipe came from mesra-net but I change it by adding Ghee oil. I have cooked the filling that is the peanuts and sugar a few days ago.
2 cups flour
1 pinch salt
4 tablespoons Ghee oil
1 egg (white only)
1 1/2 sticks butter - soften at room temperature
1 cup confectioners sugar to coat the makmor
I use a tool to create design on top of the makmor cookies
The first step is to "sangan" or fry the flour and salt on ungreased pan until dry. I only did this for about 10 minutes on medium heat.
Remove from the heat after 10 minutes. Add the egg white into the flour. Then add Ghee oil. Mix well. Then add 1 stick of butter first and mix well. If it is still did not form a dough, add another 1/2 stick of butter.
Once the dough is form and can work on, take a small size. Flatten it on your palm and add small amount of the crushed peanuts in the center.
Fold the peanuts in. This shape for this cookie is forgiving. Do not form the shape too long or the peanuts will comes out.
I use the cookies mould as in the picture to create pattern at the top of the cookies.
Bake this in the oven on 350F degree for about 20 minutes or until lightly brown.
Let the cookies cool completely before coating it with confectioners sugar.
This batter yields about 20 pieces of makmor cookies. This cookies will melt in your mouth. And then the crunch of the peanuts add texture to it. Please do not talk while eating this cookies.


  1. Yum...I am going to try this soon.

    Pls jengok at my rumah and pick up your kad raya, okay?

  2. Vg, bestnya dapat kad raya dari you. I will pick it up tomorrow. Nanti I nak try your almond cookies. I have bought almond extract today at the store.

  3. rupa rupa ini dia kuih makmor ye??..I think I saw it in pasar malam b4..they pack in each individual small plastic bag .

  4. You are welcome Zue. let me know what you think of the almond cresents. ok?

  5. Thanks so much for the photos!! How do you mix the butter with the flour? Is the butter hard or room temperature? Do I just stir to mix? or do I need to use the rubbing in method? Thanks so much.

  6. Beachlover, I think they wrap in plastic coz this cookies is very fragile.

    Vg, I will.

    Zarina, you are welcome. use rub in method. the butter is soft at room temp.

  7. Zue, tak pernah I makan this cookies pulak. The kepit you used for the cookies is very interesting. Where did you get it?

  8. Gert
    I bought the kepit or tool from malaysia long time ago but never use it. Hey, I thought I saw it at Ross here but it was metal and not plastic like mine.

  9. Zue..kue makmor..u know what, kepit tu kan dulu2 dr besi taw. ingat my mom dulu dh ilang..ade plastik punyer eh? x pernah jumpe, ghee tu pon cantik la dlm bottle..kat sini, either dlm plastic or tin aje..heheh...rajinnyer u buat cookies..nway, selamat hariraya to u n family....

  10. Jun, I bought the Ghee from Indian store here. A bit pricy but I figure once a year should be ok. My Indian friend said she cooks all her vegetarian food using the Ghee. According to her Ghee is much healthier. I am not so sure how truthful that is.

  11. Wow pictorial view of the recipes are very easy to understand. FIrst time here, i like the concept of recipe's display in detail. Biskut looks soft and crunchy.

  12. Kitchen flavors, welcome to my blog. I try to keep my favorite recipes here. Some of them came from my childhood seeing my family cooks, my husbands cook, friends and I also keep recipe from watching cooking channel on TV. I hope you come back for more cooking idea.

  13. Wow. Your website is pretty sweet coz you've got step-by-step pictures! I'm a college student from Singapore living in Oregon. Mom is a real great baker but she lives 4 hours away from where I am. I was thinking of making some Makmur biscuits. Will try out yours and will ask my friends to help out too. :) Thanks!

    Eid Mubarak!

  14. Zue,

    what icing/confectioners sugar did you use for the coating? because i normally used the one that i bought at Supermarket (icing sugar mixed with flour). but the result was not that really satisfying. i noticed your makmor fully coated with the icing sugar. its nice. i wonder if you used a different or special icing sugar.

    any coating tips? hehehe

    Thanks Zue.


  15. Nafisa, how's your cookies turn out? Biskut makmor if you eat it and talk can be disasterous. Boleh tercekik. hehehe.

    PrynCezz MiMiE,
    the only tip I have to coat the makmor is to wait for the cookies to cool down. Please refer to my post on biskut samperit susu for the picture of the confectioners sugar that I used for the makmor.
    The brand name is Domino. It is said powdered cane sugar. It taste really good.

  16. My biscuits turned out pretty good. All my friends liked it a lot. I noticed though that you didn't state when to put the egg white. But I put it in nonetheless. :) And I warn my friends that it's crumbly so they'll always eat the whole thing in their mouth. Hahah. Thanks!

  17. Nafisa, you are right I didn't state when to put the egg white. I will update it later. The egg white goes in first before the ghee and the butter. But I am glad your makmor turned out good.

  18. Thanks Zue for the info.

    perhaps i should wait for the makmor to cool completely before coating then.

    here in Brunei, i haven't seen any "Domino" brand. but will try to search for it though =D

    thanks a lot! and Happy Raya Zue =D


  19. Thanks so much for the recipe Zuraida! I have been looking for this recipe like forever. :) I'm sure my friends & families will love them during CNY.

  20. Honey Bee Sweets, thank you for stopping by at my recipe. I am sure you will have a great Chinese new year to celebrate.let me know how yours turn out.