Thursday, September 18, 2008

Biskut Samperit Susu - Pressed Milk Cookies

Since I was small, I always love this biskut samperit. My aunt used to bake this everytime Raya. When I was at Gertrude's house, I saw in one of her baking magazine this delicious samperit susu. So, I've decided to give this recipe a try. I would say that this recipe was a success except that I was short in sugar. It was not as sweet as I like it. However, my co-workers said that it was sweet when I let them sampled few pieces.
With the same batter, I came out with 3 different shapes. One shape is just one layer of the rectangle cookies. The original recipe asked for double layer of the rectangle so I made that too. And the last shape, I use floret mould and I top it off with m&m.
Here are the ingredients:

1 can on sweetened condensed milk (12 oz I think). Original recipe called for Nespray powdered milk

2 stick of unsalted butter

1 cup confectioners sugar (you could use 1 1/2 cups if you like it sweeter)
3 cups flour

1 cup cornstarch

1 tablespoon essence vanilla
1 egg yolk

This recipe yield lots of cookies. I did not count. But I was feeling weak the next day because too long standing in the kitchen.


In a big bowl, cream butter and sugar.

Then add 1 egg yolk. Cream it more.

Add milk and cream it smooth.

Beat with vanilla well.
Lastly, use spatula to fold flour. Add flour one cup at a time.

I use the pressed cookie cutter as shown in the picture above.

Pressed one straight line on baking sheet. Use knead flour cutter to cut about 2 inches in length.
Bake in the oven for about 10 to 12 minutes on 350F degree. Do watch the cookies so that it will not get too brown.

One of the batch, I fill in with m&m and then cover it with another layer of the cookie dough. Then I cut it 2 inches long as shown in the picture below.

Let the cookies cool completely before storing it in air tight container. This cookies can last for months.

I must say my darling love this cookies so much that he ate 20 pieces already. So I have to hide the rest of the cookies or else it won't make it till Raya day.


  1. Hi Zuraida

    I have never had semperit with condensed milk. I will definately have to try this soon. They look lovely.

    Like you, I have to hide cookies too...between the husband, kids and the dog (yes, my dog loves cookies and the children are naughty cos they feed him) there is often nothing left after a day or two!

  2. vg, I could not find the powdered Nespray milk at the store. Here in US, most powdered milk has iron in it and definitely cannot use for cookies as it is bitter. I find this sweetened condesed milk has the same milky taste. But I have to change the measurement for the rest of the ingredients. This milk make the batter softer. I am glad the cookies came out exactly as I like it.

  3. i never knew u have to add sweet condensed milk in semperit. nak tanya siki. kalau takde cookie press, boleh buat ke? is it in dough or batter form?

  4. Farina, this is a soft dough. You can flour your board and then roll this dough one fourth inch thick.cut it with cookie cutter. Let me know how's your turn out.

  5. Condensed milk? thats unusual. gotta try it this weekend, once i find out the weight of one stick of butter here.

    -Shareen in Sweden-

  6. Shareen, one stick of butter here is 4 oz. Let me know how yours turn out. This cookies is semi hard, dry but lemak. Makan satu nak lagi tau!

  7. hw much flour needed...

  8. Anonymous, use 3 cups flour and 1 cup corn starch. Good luck!

  9. hi Kak Zu, would like to this samperit recipe :D, 1 stick butter = 250gm is it? and ur 1 cup = 200gm?

  10. Shafidah Shamen, sorry for the late reply. My one stick of unsalted butter is 4 oz or 114 gm.
    1 cup flour tak sure pulak coz I use regular baking cup measurement. Nanti lah bila I ada penimbang I let you know ok. Thanks for asking.

  11. Thanks for this lovely recepi. Never ever heard of it. AM gonna make these for deepavali. I made the normal semperit last week with cherry on top.
    Great stuff!;-)

  12. Anonymous, believe it or not, from the magazine it said that this Samperit susu is erra fazira favorite,if you know her a malaysian artist. Happy deepavali!

  13. hi zue i just found your recipe and going try agar agar kering and semperit. i hope it turns out ok because it is for hari are a great cook dear


  14. Thanks for the recipe...tasted just like the one that I had a long time ago in Malaysia... had a craving for it today (Hari Raya) just baked it and now munching on it while surfing the net...feeling sorry for myself di perantauan. At least I have my semperit. Thanks again :).

  15. Wanaf, how did it turn out?

    sketchbug, you are welcome. Enjoy your Hari Raya.

  16. Hi Zu,

    What is the measurement if i'm using powdered nespray milk?


  17. Salam :)

    I think i am just gonna stick to reading your blog for kuih raya inspiration :)

    this looks easy to do (read: i wont blow up the kitchen)

    JUst me,
    Shareen in Sweden

  18. Shareen, I hope your cookies will turn out good. Good luck!

  19. Hi Blog Owner - Puan Zu :) ,

    I would really love to try this resepi. Is this jenis yang 'melt in your mouth'? Heee.. I love samperit!

    Do you mind if I copy paste this resepi in my blog. I'll link it back here. It is all for my easy reference later bila I nak start buat this biskut.

    Thanks! :)

  20. yaya|azura,
    thank you for reading my site. Please help yourself with the recipe. Let me know how's yours turn out. Happy Ramadan!