Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lepat Pisang ( Banana)

I mixed the following:
4 ripe banana
1 cup steamed white rice cake
1/2 cup brown sugar
I wrap the filling with banana leaf. My steamer is petite. So I have to cook the batter half at a time. For half of the batter, I just pour it into a small bowl that I lined up with banan leaf. I steamed it for about 40 minutes.


  1. Zue, I am a bit confused here. What do you mean 1 cup steamed white rice cake? Is it the flour? Did you buy the flour from the Vietnamese store too?

  2. Gert, you are right. I use the steamed white rice cake flour from Vietnamese store instead of regular flour. Sedap. But must eat them while still warm. once I fridge them, it got hardened.

  3. Hi...
    I can't read the label on that packet and there a few types of flour with the same design.hehe... don't want to get the wrong one. Is it called "steamed white rice cake"? Or "rice flour"? I have a glutinous rice flour in my pantry that looks like the one in your pic. Is it the same?

  4. Zarina, not the glutinous rice. Just use any regular rice flour. This lepat pisang is not guwee or chewy. This lepat pisang is like steam cake.