Thursday, September 20, 2007

Karipap Mini

This is the easiest way to cook the crispy and spicy filling of karipap. Empanadas skin really have saved my day. This time I bought 2 types of empanadas skin. One is the regular white skin and the other is the corn empanadas. They both are crispy and delicious.
This time, I've decided to use the smallest karipap mould I can find for this recipe. I thawed the frozen empanadas skin. Then I cut the empanadas skin into half.

The filling is a curry beef. I used ground beef mixed with potato.

Deep fry this until golden brown. As for the left over skin, I didn't waste it. I fry them just like that. It was crunchy and tasty even by itself or dip it in a dipping sauce.

The ingredients for the filling are:
ground beef
curry powder


  1. Zue, the small karipap mold is really cute. This one you beli kat mana? I thought the one kita beli sama sama warna putih? Cantik lah all the karipap. Next time I pun nak goreng saja lah :)

  2. Gert, this mold I bought in Malaysia. You are right, the mold we bought that day warna putih. But the smallest in my box was a bit bigger than this one.:-(
    Yes, goreng memang sedap. Don't forget to try the yellow one. That one is tasty too.