Thursday, September 20, 2007

Curry Noodle

This is how I eat my curry noodle. These pictures were taken on separate day.
The first Curry noodle, I garnish it with bean sprout and hard boiled egg and home grown tomato.
For the second curry noodle, I cooked the curry with slices of half cayote, bean sprout and home grown bell pepper.
Both curry noodle use the same ingredients:
2 tablespoon curry powder (add little water to make a paste)
1 tablespoon crispy prawn sambal
3 tablespoon thick coconut milk
Water and salt


  1. Zue, banyak you buat posting masak hari ni :) :) Sedapnya your curry mee. You tak taruh daging?

  2. Gert, that day tak ada internet, I kumpul all the gambar. Nak tahu cerita kelakar? I tengah posting sekali terlupa my nasi on the stove. Hangit! Murphy until now tease me about my "burn rice". huhuhuhu.

  3. Gert, I forgot to answer your 2nd question. No red meat in my fridge. :-( Tak shopping. I am sure it must taste better with some beef.Next time la I buat lagi. I still have 3 more curry packet dari Argentina tu. Sedap ya that one.