Thursday, September 20, 2007

Freezing tomato

I picked these tomato fresh from my garden. They are ripe and very meaty. I don't know what to do with it since my co-worker refused to take it. So, I've decided to freeze them.
The first step I did was to boil some water in a pot. Second, after I've washed the tomato, slowly I dumped it into the boiling water. I reduce the heat to medium. Third, after 1 minute, I remove the tomato and put them in cold water.
Fourth, I peeled off the skin. The skin came off pretty eassily.

Lastly, I pack them into small ziplock and store in the freezer. I am hoping that when I am ready to cook it, I just open small bag at a time.


  1. Zue, your tomato trees still give you lots of buah. Mine slow down a lot. Maybe is the temperature.

  2. Gert, still banyak lagi di pokok. I dah tak larat nak petik! Ya, temp sejuk. I don't think they will grow new fruit. But remember, my pokok bear fruit later than yours. That is why I am having them now.