Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chayote Wrap

From my last post, our dear Chef Gert mentioned about Chayote vegetable. I was at Price is Right last Sunday looking for Bread Fruit (Sukun), couldn't find it but instead I saw the Chayote vegetable individually pack in a plastic wrap. I bought 3 of them. This morning, I cut and stir fry this unique vegetable. But of course, I sliced a small piece to taste it first. It tasted nice like jicama (sengkuang but softer).

This simple stir fry recipe I snuck them in the tortilla wrap. It was delicious and refreshing.
1 chayote
1 sweet red pepper
1 ripe medium size tomato (squeeze the juice out and chop it)
seasoned with sea salt, pepper and grilling spices. My favorite is Mrs. Dash.

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