Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kale Lemak Cili Api

I love kale lemak cili api. This time I added sweet potato. It was so delicious that I finish the whole pot in a day!
1 bunch kale
2 cups coconut milk
1 medium size red onion
1 green hot pepper
2 small sweet potato (I microwaved with the skin for 5 minutes. Skinned off the skin and cut it into bite size)
sea salt to season
1 cube vegetables paste. You can use anchovies cube or chicken cube. If you can find vegetable cube, that is better because the paste is sweeter.
In non stick pan, I wilt the onion, pepper, and vegetable cube. Then I added kale that I have remove the leaves from the stem and chopped it in small size. Once the kale wilted a little, I added the coconut milk. I let it boil and lastly I added the sweet potato. I taste it before I sprinkle more salt. This dish is so good that I ate it just like that. I mean without rice or any main dish. :-)


  1. The next time I cook this I want to put sweet potaot jugak. I remember the mak chik stall kat KL put either sweet potato or ubi kayu.

  2. Gert, should you try your purple potato?