Thursday, August 08, 2013

Syawal 2013 Day 1 - Soy Sauce Chicken

Ramadan is over. Today is the day to feast on good food. After attending the eidul fitri prayer at the mosque, I went home to feast on my home cooked meal.
 This home cooked soy sauce chicken is super easy to cook. I am using all dried spices such as parsley, onion, garlic, ginger,hot peppers, cloves and cinnamon. Simmer them with 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 cup of water. Then add dark soy sauce and sweet soy sauce. Simmer on medium low until chicken is cooked. I am using chicken wings.
 I serve this yummy soy sauce chicken with spicy rice and the sambal goreng. Bon Appetite...
 Some of the kuih raya served at my friend's house. She had kuih goyang on the left an maruku on the right.
 Clockwise, peanuts, putu, sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies.
Eid celebration will not complete without these meals.
Eid Mubarak everyone!


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