Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ramadan 2013 Day 18 - Steak and Potato

The rain was here. It was a heavy rain. I love the rain especially when I don't have to water the plants in the garden. Let the nature help me on that. I was stuck in the house and was busy sewing my raya dress.This time I am making the kebaya. Kebaya is a traditional malay dress that has a defined collar style. So, for my dinner tonight, I am having a simple meal, steak and potato.
I am using one red onion that I grow in my garden to cook with the potato. I lightly seasoned the potato and onion with salt, ground black pepper, and rosemary. The steak was rubbed with some montreal steak seasoning. These two dishes are my favorite dish. It took only 10 minutes to cook these meals.Delicious!


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