Friday, August 19, 2011

Ramadan 19 - Steamed Plantain

I am not a dietician nor a doctor, but I just wanted to share the information passed down to me recently. My doctor said plantain is better for me than the regular banana because plantain has lower sugar content. Here in the US, plantain is sold at a cheaper price. I can buy 4 plantains for only one dollar. Some plantains are sold when it is still green and some are already ripened. The green plantain is tart and suitable for plantain chips.
I like banana and I like plantain too.
Growing up, I like my mom's steamed "pisang tanduk" aka Horn banana. To me, plantain has similar texture and taste like pisang tanduk. I usually slice the plantain and fry them to make plantain chips. In Puerto Rico, I see people sell the plantain deep fried whole and serve it for lunch or dinner. They are using ripe plantain and it taste really sweet.
To steam plantain, firstly we need to wash the plantain and cut both ends off. My steamer is small so, I had to cut the plantain into half. Steam the plantain for 10 minutes or until the skin cracked. You can eat this steamed plantain in anyway you like. You can add coconut flakes, or sprinkle some brown sugar, or with berries sauce or melted chocolate, etc. I like to eat this steamed plantain plain. It taste delicious and much helthier for us.

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