Friday, August 19, 2011

Ramadan 19 - Salads, Tempoyak and Fried Chicken

I was at my friend's house earlier to learn the recipe for the layered tapioca cake. Not only that she can cook dessert, her fish asam pedas smell good and look so delicious. Unfortunately, we are fasting, so, no food tasting for today. She grows some vegetables in her backyard. Her long string beans grow so well. She gave me some to take home. As you can see from the picture above, I don't have to cook this one foot long string beans. What goes well with this long string beans is the hot and spicy tempoyak. I have not eaten tempoyak for a long time.

The whitish julienne/matchstick cut next to the long string beans is jicama (sengkuang).
I love tomatoes. This salad is very easy to prepare. Cut some tomatoes and sweet basil (daun selasih). Crumble some goat cheese. You can substitute with any soft cheese you like for example, mozzarella cheese. That is all you have to do.  This tomato salad is very refreshing and tasty.
In the picture above are Tempoyak and Fried Chicken. Tempoyak is a dish made from fermented durian fruit. This homemade tempoyak is very fresh and easy to make. I am using only the best durian. Mix the durian with a bit of salt and keep it overnight in the fridge. Before serving the tempoyak, I added some ground hot pepper. I am using fresh green hot peppers from my friend's garden. You can use any red hot pepper or eat the tempoyak plain.

As usual, this fried chicken are coated with zatarain's fish fry flour. It is the best, crunchy and flavorful chicken.

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