Thursday, July 28, 2011

Slow Roasted Tomatoes

The weather was extremely hot last week. I abandon my garden the whole time and was only able to work in the garden on Tuesday. As I have expected the weeds are growing faster than the vegetables. But I am still lucky to have some ripened tomatoes, string beans, zucchini, onions, and beets. I was busy on the internet when honey asked for some roasted tomatoes. He thought the tomatoes from my garden look really beautiful and would be delicious if I roast them. I told him to turn the oven at 400 degree and cook them for 40 minutes. But he refused. He said I should do a slow roasting instead at 200 degree F for 3 to 4 hours.

Oh! Well, I must then find a nice and cool weather like today to turn my oven on for 3 hours. The herbs I use for this recipe are:
Fresh rosemary
Fresh thyme
Ground black pepper
Sea salt
Olive oil
(Some recipe add fresh garlic)

Cut the tomato into half, lengthwise. Lay them closely in a baking sheet.
Sprinkle finely ground rosemary, black pepper, thyme and salt on the cut side up of the tomatoes.
Drizzle some olive oil.
Bake in the oven at 200 degree F for 3 hours.
Serve slow roasted tomatoes as side dish, condiment or as a snack.



  1. Wah Zue, all the tomatoes dah besar besar. I am sure it is very sweet since we hardly get any rain recently. By the way, Selamat Berpuasa!!

  2. Gert, I keep forgetting to reply your message. Yes, the tomatoes are sweet. I find the slow roasting method is the best. I will do it again for th enext batch of harvest. Thanks. Tomorrow fasting. I hope I can survive around 8:40pm breakfasting.

  3. zu, those tomatoes will be awesome roasted. kalau jemur kat panas takut pulak burung singgah....:((looks like murphy suka tomatoes.....

  4. Yati, I pun teringin nak jemur dia tengah panas. Mesti sedap. Ni yang roasted pun not bad. Mupi tu bukannya apa, jeles dia tengok tomato tu merah dan cantik kat kitchen. Kalau dia tak order roasting, I bagi orang jer. Terlalu banyak sangat.