Sunday, July 03, 2011

Fried Tempeh and Fried Banana on 4th July

Fried Tempeh is one of my favorite foods. I like to eat the tempeh for lunch as a side dish to my rice, or as afternoon snack drizzle with some sweet and tangy dipping sauce. For this 4th of July holiday, I am having this fried tempeh and fried banana for my afternoon snack.

Slice tempeh thinly, about 1/8th of an inch. Deep fry the tempeh in olive oil or any cooking oil. Sprinkle some salt while the tempeh is still hot.

Fried Banana
4 ripe bananas
2 cups all purpose flour
½ cup brown sugar
2 cups sweetened coconut flakes
Cooking oil to fry

In a bowl, mash the banana.
Add brown sugar.
Add coconut flakes.
Add flour.
Combine everything.
Using the tip of your finger or using 2 spoons, fry the banana until golden brown.

For the dipping sauce, I am using ready to use sweet and tangy sauce. Or mix blended hot chili with some sugar.
I am happy now with the amount of peas I grow in the garden. Although the weather was not on my side at first, now the vegetables are adapting well to the weather. Above is a picture of my sugar snap peas. The pods are eadible, tender and very sweet. I find the sweetness in the peas concentrate when I pick them 2 days after hot days.

I am not sure if my singing to the plants while picking the peas, is helping them to grow happily. But I do like to sing a song while working on this 50-feet row of peas. I grow string beans next to the peas. They too are growing healthily.


  1. I buat jemput jemput pisang yesterday too with the over-ripe bananas. the peas are growing very well. Getting bushy and tall.

  2. Gert, I tot I have reply to your message. It must've not went through via my cell. I picked the shoots today and cooked them with my greens. They are delicious. Thanks for your suggestions.

  3. K.Zue,
    I dah malas nak bercucuk tanam after almost all my pokok mati.
    Ni baru le bersemangat balik bila tengok all ur pokok yg sihat walafiat!