Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

Mrinate the turkey with butter first.
Then sprinkle a thin layer of cajun spice on the outside.
It was raining on the morning of Thanksgiving Day in my neighborhood. Honey doesn't want to let down his family, so he went out to the store and bought a big tent. I am sitting here waiting fo the peanut oil temperature to reach 320 degree F.

The oil is ready for the turkey.

Finally the turkey is in. Every 1 lb of the turkey, we need about 3 minutes frying time.

Our dessert is a cheese cake. This is a truffles cheesecake from SAM's. Delicious.
The next day, I was not able to go for a black friday shopping. Luckily all the items I needed are available online. I am not sure if the tom yam I had 2 days ago is causing my heart burn. I drank glasses of home remedy, a ginger tea but it didn't help. I feel better today after taking dr. prescribed med.



  1. Zu,
    this yr kami tak beli turkey...tak larat ingat the roasted version. next yr nak try goreng macam you...

  2. Yati, roasting memang lambat sikit. Goreng ni cepat dan tepat. Crunchy...Once you cuba and if you like it, you will stick to this method.