Wednesday, August 25, 2010

White Chayote and Sardine

The green chayote is a little bit tougher than this white chayote. The price is a little bit higher for the white one but the vegetable is very sweet and taste almost like jicama (sengkuang if in bahasa melayu).
I served clam chowder for honey and for myself was this simple sardine in tomato sauce over left over tomato rice.
I just cut half and core the seed from the chayote.
Then I blanched them in hot water.
Drained and set aside.
In a pot, heated 1 can of goya sardine in tomato sauce.
Turn off the stove and add the cooked chayote.
Sprinkle with some spring onion.

Dessert in tonight's menu was sweet canteloupe.

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