Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Break-fasting Meal

I woke up this morning greeted again by another rainy day. My plan to work in the garden once again went down the drain. But I feel bless because the weather is not screaming hot and I can fast with limited dehydration. I was going to sew my baju raya then but I have to go back to JCP to return the broken belt. Penneys open a 11 am today and I was 30 minutes early. Luckily Christmas Tree store already open. I walked inside the store. There are so many nice items I wanted to buy but I had to refrain myself from doing so. After JCp, I went to my grocery store, price rite. I bought the chicken gizzard. I am craving fo the curry chicken gizzard I cooked last week. The store is selling cucumber at $0.33 a piece. I grab 3 cucumber and 2 pineapples. Cucumber, pineaapple and onion are good combination in this simple homemade pickle.

I also bought these beautiful cactus fruit. I have no idea how to eat them. At the store, I saw people are using plastic bag to hold the cactus pear. I simply grab these fruits with my bare hands.

Below is the explanation I found in wikipedia which explained why people are using the plastic bag as a glove.

"The pears with the reddish-orange or purple skin and deep purple interiors are considered to be the sweetest, but the white-skinned varieties are more popular in Mexico.
Store-bought prickly pears are usually spine-free and sometimes can be handled with your bare hands. Unprocessed pears still have glochids that will drive you crazy if you get some on your skin. Just to be sure, always use tongs or at least a plastic bag as a glove.
If you're foraging for prickly pears, remember that while all pears are edible, only a few will actually be ripe and taste good.
Remove the spines.

Place the pear in a container of cold water. Doing this washes some spines away, but not all of them.
Skin the pears.

Pick up the end of the pear with a few paper towels folded together, cradling the pear within the paper towels and not allowing the surface of the pear to touch your skin.
Slice off the thicker skin at both ends of the prickly pear (the bottom and the top). It takes a little practice to know how much to slice off. Generally, you want to take off the skin without getting at the seed-filled center.
Cut lengthwise along the pear's top-bottom centerline just through the skin. Using that slit, and being careful about the spines, use the knife to lever the skin and peel it off of the rest of the pear.
Cut the pear into slices, or stick onto a fork or skewer and serve.

The flesh of the prickly pear can be used to make jam, jelly, sorbet, wine, and "cactus candy."
The seeds can be consumed with the fruit (but be careful not to bite into them, as they're quite hard) or spit out.
Some people eat the seeds in soup or dry them to be ground into flour. "

I fry some butterfish for tonight's dinner.
I also heated the ready to eat mixed greens.
As for the rice, it is a simple marinara rice.
Wash basmathi rice.
Add 2 cups marinara sauce.
Add 2 cups chicken stock.
Add 1/2 tablespoon dried parsley.
Add 1/2 teaspoon dried basil.
Stir well and cook the rice in the rice cooker.

I fried the fish in fish fry spices.


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