Friday, August 13, 2010

Fried Croaker, Greens and Black Eye Pea

Marble Pound Cake with Sweet strawberry
Thank God it is Friday! Second day of fasting in Ramadan went well. The rain never stop since yesterday until the evening. I thought I am back in the winter season. The temperature dropped to the 60s. I could not go to the garden after work. Instead, I rushed home and went straight to bed. I was feeling super duper sleepy. By 7:20 Pm I woke up and started frying the fish. I opened a can of greens and a can of black eye pea. I like the prepared greens and black eye pea by Sylvia's. They are the best.

For dessert, I have prepared cut strawberries with sugar and kept in the refrigerator over night. The sugar broke up into nice juices and sweetened the strawberries. I just poured the strawberries onto the marble pound cake.

Fried Croaker with greens and black eye pea

Croaker is one of my favorite fish. I like to coat it with the fish fry bread crumbs by Zatarain.
I then just heated the greens and the black eye pea in the microwave for 5 minutes.
Honey! Dinner is served.

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