Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Homegrown Courgette

Remember the cucumber I found in my garden a week ago? Well, I decided to slice it and drizzle with some ketchup. This fresh homegrown courgette was very sweet.
The picture of the courgette is here
I ate this cucumber as a side dish to my chicken rice and fried eggs. Yes, I love fried eggs with soy sauce. Delicious!
I used to pack this meal for school and it never grow old on me. If I cannot have rice and fried eggs with thick soy sauce at least once a week, I feel my day at work is not complete.
Writing about this favorite meal of mine make me smile. No matter how much I earn for a living, this simple and cheap meal is priceless.
This courgette is the winner in my garden. I will definitely grow this plant in next season.
Gertrude had steamed seri muka when I visited her last weekend. I wish I had brought the durian so that she can add it to the dessert. Since she packed some seri muka for me to tke home, it didn't stop me from having this delicious seri muka with some durian.

You need to hop over to her blog to find the seri muka recipe for now. She make it look so easy to cook this traditional Asian sweet treats. When the weather gets cool a little bit, I will create the recipe and post it here. The weather has been constantly on the 90s. Super hot with high humidity. I stayed in the air conditioning room all the time. I have stopped working in the garden due to the hot weather. I only visit the garden to harvest the vegetables. I am not worry about watering the plants because the rain is pouring every other day in the evening.


  1. mak long... is that taste delicious?? i don't think so.. because i don't like cucumber... hahahahahahahahaha.... huhu.. i don't like cucumber..!! =( :p

  2. Cik Faen once try you will love this food.