Friday, June 04, 2010

Seven Top Turnip and Ramen Noodle

I thinning the turnip's row so that they can grow better and I use the pulled out greens in my cooking.
This is the most delicious and sweetest turnip greens I have ever tasted. I grow about a row of 30 feet Seven Top Turnip.
I remember the first time I grow turnip, I didn't harvest any of them. The second year and then on, I grew turnips and gave them away.

I did try Jim's recipe but I don't think I cook it right. I don't favor the earthy smell and taste of the beautiful purple and white turnip bulb. Then, I try the sambal petai and it tasted good.

So this year, I am growing the Seven Top turnips. This type is known for it's leaves and may not give me any turnip bulb.

I cannot believe how easy it was to cook this greens. I don't need to add anything else to spice the flavor. Some recipe will call for ham hock or smoked turkey.
I cut the root off and wash the leaves many times with cold water. Since the leaves are not smooth, it has tiny hairs, I am afraid something might stick to it.
In a big pot, heat about 3 cups beef broth. I believe any chicken stock or vegetable stock will be nice.
Once boiled, add the turnip greens.
Cook for another 10 minutes or until leaves are tender.
Seasoned with salt and ground black pepper if need to.
Turn the stove off.
For this meal, I cook beef ramen noodle separately. Then I add the cooked turnip greens to the noodle.

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