Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fresh Peas

The first year I grew peas, I was happy to find how easy it was to grow this plants. All I have to do was to prepare the soil, then to put up the fence for the plant to crawl up. I sow the seed in 2 inches spacing on both sides of the fence. The next time I will have to remember not to space them. They grow beautifully even when crowded.

The first pea I grew was the Wando peas. They are heat tolerance pea and suitable to grow in the hot summer sun in my area. The second year, I learned from other gardeners about the sugar snap and snow peas. Again, I fell in love growing and harvesting these 3 types of peas.

Wando peas are shelling peas. I will harvest the wando peas when the pods are firm. The pod from the sugar snap and snow peas are edible. They are tender and sweet.

Although picking each pea requires a good back bone, I enjoy my time sitting on my garden bench and pick each pea from the plants. I fell in love with these beautiful tiny balls of green peas in a pod. I usually get about 5 to 6 peas in a pod.

I can sauté the peas, steam them or my favorite is to eat them raw.

The tips of the plant are edible too.
I also learned to freeze these peas. They are still good even after a year in the freezer.


  1. Waah, my friend. Your garden is looking awesome. Who needs a virtual farm when you have a real one, right? I have given up on growing anything.The weather has been horrible here. I cheated and bought a mature tomato plant and even that is looking a little tired... don't stop sharing your gardening efforts.

  2. Diane, This is the reason why I haven't call you yet.I do too buy mature plant due to shorter warm weather. Now the potato beetle is feasting it. They are one confused bugs.

  3. Zue, your garden look so green and healthy. I guess all the rain helps a lot. My herbs are growing very well too especially the cilantro. No sign of the Japanese eggplants. I didn't know they are so difficult to grow :(

  4. lilmizlyn, thanks.

    Gert, when are you planning to help me harvest the vege?
    I will get zucchini soon. They are flowering right now.
    I love cilantro in my food.
    Where did you get the seed for the japanese eggplant?
    I never get a good crop for eggplant. Maybe one or two eggplant per plant which was pathetic. But I will try to grow them next time.
    I am still trying to get my okra to work. All the seeds I put in are wasted.