Monday, January 25, 2010

New Diet

I have been cooking the same food featuring in this blog these past few weeks. Honey is a non red meat eater now. He eats seafood and string beans, tomato soup, clam chowder but still no garden salad as he is referring salad and carrots are for the rabbits. As for myself, my diet is paid off as I have lost another 9 lbs within 3 months. Tina stopped by at the house one night and when we hug she said “Oh! You are so tiny”. I just smiled with joy.

My routine is simple, early in the morning I will drink Milo with 2 tablespoon benefiber. The whole day I will munch on grapes or any fruits I have in the kitchen. For afternoon snack I will have a bowl of hard pretzel with some creamy spinach dip or mango salsa.

I was at the Ross yesterday to payback my unable to shop in London dilemma. I was surprise I can fit in size 6 (have to be the stretchable mode) and comfortably in size 10.

Ok, after all of those floating in the air feeling, I was brought back to reality when my cholesterol reading was off the chart! What is happening? The doctor said if I lose weight my reading will improve. But now, everything is reverse. My reading was better when I was heavier.

My niece is so sweet to peel the tangerine for me.
This is a bad food that I have been eating. It is sweet and reminded me of my hometown.

This is butterfish that I fried with panko bread crumbs. It is crunchy and delicious!


  1. salam rindu k.zue..wah bestnye akak dh turun berat ye!! kita nih pas raya naik 2 kg sampai la nih susah nk turun2 dah..punyala liat..adoyaai!!

  2. salam kak zue...
    wow!!!kak zue dah kurus dah....banyak tu...

  3. Ina, I miss you too. It is just 2 kilo. No hal mah. Kak Zue ni nak kena turunkan 50 kilo gitu. hahaha.

    3E, waalaikumsalam...yup! Slim la sikit. Tapi kolesterol dalam badan ni masih tinggi lagi. Emmm...

  4. kak zue...
    kalau koles u tinggi cuba minum air rendaman daun misai's proven la boleh turunkan koles u....sbb my hubby ada koles then minum hari2...mmg turun koles tuuu

  5. k.zu,
    jeles nya!! saya lately badan naik menjadi-jadi.. susah betul nak control mkn/

  6. 3E, I will check out that daun misai kucing. Nampaknya ada jual pokok dia kat sini.

    Dhill, first thing first, you nak kena detox your body. That was what I did. Kalau tak memang all this lemak liat nak cair. Lepas detox I amalkan green tea.